With More Than 40 Years Of Experience Finca Casasola Is One Of The Most Established Shoots In Spain

This outstanding estate, located only 36 kilometes away from Madrid (35 minutes), is considered one of the best and more exclusive hunting areas in Spain.

The owners, Amanda Hornedo and Pepe Otaola, run with great skill the family business founded over 40 years ago. Their broad experience and the use of driven partridge traditional methods attract hunters from all over the world.

Your Best Shooting Experience

Here you will experience quality shooting, the environment and terrain produces good and strong flying birds that will test the skill of even the most accomplished wing shooters. The terrain is fairly rugged in this region and guns are most often positioned down the fall line of a hill.


We provide the traditional experience of driven shoots for parties from 4 up to 10 guns: the challenge to select and shoot amongst hundreds of partridges flying over in different speeds, angles and heights on each peg, helped by experience loaders on a beautiful environment, enjoying great hospitality, best tapas, meals and wines… We provide all the hunting and shooting equipment, so that you don’t have to travel with it if you don’t want to.

The partridge shooting at Casasola is varied, and this allows the owners to produce birds for every occasion and for every style of shooting. From the traditional fast flying Spanish-style partridges to the very high birds of “El Barranco” area, where the partridges are flushed off high hills to produce stunning birds.



Combine Your Adventure With The Vibrant Madrid

At only 35 minutes of Madrid, Finca Casasola is the closest alternative to combine your hunting trip with the Spanish capital.

There are certain things you can only enjoy in Madrid. Cultural, art, festive, but we also bring you some sports, culinary experiences, flamenco and history, because in Madrid you can do things you cannot even dream of in other European cities (nor worldwide).



or with the Most Visited Spanish Village

Chinchón, situated 10 minutes away from the Estate, Chinchón is recognizable in the distance by its houses clustered together on hilltops. As well as its characteristic Plaza Mayor, with its wooden balconies and flat galleries, there is also the church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción (1534-1626), which was sacked and burned by Napoleonic troops in 1808. The current church was completed in 1828 and is a blend of Gothic, plateresque, Renaissance and baroque styles. Inside is the magnificent painting of La Asunción de la Virgen, painted by Goya.

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